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Does your CV really stand out from the crowd?

Do you think of your CV as a marketing tool, marketing the most important thing in the world – YOU!

The answer to the questions above will inevitably be NO. This is unfortunate, as when you do see your dream job advertised your CV must be in a condition that allows you to respond swiftly and you must have a CV that gets you noticed!

So, is YOUR CV up to the job?

If it isn’t, don’t worry, we can help! We see around 2000 CV’s each day, and we know what makes a good one and what makes a bad one!

We are now very pleased to offer a CV writing service to all our members, all you need do is send us your old CV (filled in of course) and we will re-format, re-write and re-jig your CV and make it the best it can be. Give yourself the best chance and contact us today. It’ll be the best £20.00 you’ll ever spend.

Send in your old CV and get back a first class, up-to-date, stand out CV – Simple!

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CV’s should be supplied in either .doc or .pdf format. You will be redirected to SagePay to complete payment. Typical CV turnaround time is 1-2 Working Days.

Why is the CV so important? What do employers want?

We all want an easy life and busy, work laden employers, are no different.

They want things put simply and they like to have information that is clear, concise and to the point. They do not wish to expend time and energy trying to decipher, re-organise or modify the information they receive and certainly do not want to spend any of their valuable time trying to relate how your skills might meet their needs and desires.

A clear, logical and concise CV can be a key that will open many doors. You will be able to use it not only to sell ‘yourself’, but you will find that it play’s a surprisingly vital role in the job interview itself by promoting discussion and allowing you to draw attention to key points about yourself.

Do you know why CV’s get rejected by employers?

It is usually down to one of a number of things.
  • It does not grab the attention of the employer
  • It is full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors
  • It looked so long the employer couldn’t be bothered to read it
  • It was irrelevant to the job position offered
  • It was so badly laid out the employer lost interest or got confused

Do you know why CV’s are selected and an interview offered?

It is usually down to one of three things.
  • The CV looks clear and concise
  • The CV stood out from the crowd and got noticed
  • The outlined skills and experiences would be of benefit to the role offered and to the company as a whole