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"Mark is a qualified chef and wanted a change of career and one which made a difference. Mark was unemployed and was referred to a preparing to work in Health, Social Care & Children & Young Peoples settings in 2013. He was given the opportunity to do some work experience at a local residential home and as a result was offered a full time Residential Support Workers post. Mark is now a registered I Care...Ambassador and talks to others about working in the sector. Mark says "Thanks to Act Hub's team for supporting me, working in this sector is amazing and has far exceeded my expectations""

Mark Hawkswood
Casa Mia Residential Home

"Michael attended a 'Preparing to work in Health, Social Care & Children & Young People setting' in May 2013. Michael has found his dream job at Archways Care as a Residential Support Worker and says he's never been happier and can't thank the team at Act Hub enough for their support."

Michael Richards
Archways Care Ltd

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Jobs Fairs

Local Jobs Fairs for Employers and Job Seekers to attend

www.acthub.co.uk is very busy ensuring that it offers all its customers lots of opportunities to either fill a vacancy or obtain that dream job!

From January 2015 through to July 2015 we have a busy schedule of jobs fairs. 

Job seekers can visit any jobs fair by booking a place. Email recruitment@acthub.co.uk for more details.

If you are an employer who wants to exhibit your vacancies for FREE please contact a member of the team on 01905 420715

Please note: all job seeker training opportunities need to be accessed prior to job fairs taking place. If you interested in attending a training course please contact recruitment@acthub.co.uk

Would you like some free training?

Sector Based Work Academies - the benefits for job seekers

If you are looking for work within Health & Social Care but have no idea where to start then we have a solution which may be suitable for you.

www.acthub.co.uk works in partnership with other organisations to enable people who are unemployed and looking for work in the sector to access FREE training and qualifications and support into employment.

If you are interested in knowing more about these opportunities please contact recruitment@acthub.co.uk and we'll be happy to help.

Advice from a Job Seeker

Excellent read this...

Advice from a Job Seeker


Having spent a lot of time looking for jobs recently, and having had some luck in recent weeks, I would like to share with any job-hunters the one most important piece of advice:

Chase up any jobs your really interested in, with a phone call, to ask something about the role, or to 'check that they got your CV'.

Now this might seem obvious, and some people might say they don't want to seem pushy, but here are a few facts of life:

1. Most people at work are busy and many of those that aren't are lazy.

2. Busy people tend to look after the highest priority things. Lazy people wait until someone is standing over them telling them to do something.

3. Ringing somebody makes them look at your details and focus on them, because human nature means they don't like to admit that they never read them. Also, they need to read them as they're going to have to give you a reason for saying no, so they spend longer on your details than normal. When they explain why you're wrong for the role, you can understand where you are going wrong or why you should change your search. Though this might sound depressing, I have found that it's a lot less depressing than sending in 20 applications, and hearing nothing back.

4. Speaking to a person makes you feel part of society. When you're out of work for a long time, you really need this.

5. People remember the people they speak to more than the people whose name was on a CV. Next time a similar role comes up, they may remember you, so when they see your CV again, they may take 10 seconds over it instead of 2, and that may make all the difference.

I changed my approach about 6 weeks ago to be much more pushy. As a result, I feel much more self confident, I got a few worthwhile pieces of advice, and I am on the brink of moving back into employment.

Do it..

Pick up the phone...


If like me, you apply for jobs via any of the myriad of job websites out there, you'll have got used to sending in CV's, and getting back 'your CV has been imported into our database' messages.

Many positions are 'urgent' because an agent has just heard about it at the last minute, so they don't get advertised, and recruiters just search quickly for CV's with matching skills in the CV databases. Often, the person doing the search doesn't know much about the skills they're searching for.

eg. Someone might search for SAP Training Specialist or ERP Training Manager or IT Trainer. 

In order to come up with a match in all possible scenarios, add a page to the back of your CV, with a title of 'For Search Purposes', and list of all the possible permutations of job titles that somebody might use to describe the roles you want. That way, when someone searches for a slightly inappropriate term, you'll still appear in their list of matches. 

We all know the 'rule' about keeping a CV to 2 pages, but this is a different world we live in. It's all about search engines, hundreds of submitted CV's and speed of trawling through them. 

Since I added a page to the back of my CV with every possible incarnation of 'ERP Project Manager', the number of relevant job alerts that have come through has trebled.

recruitment.acthub.co.uk Launches great New Service

Get a new CV for only £20.00!

recruitment.acthub.co.uk Launches great New Service

Many people dislike writing their own CV: it's a challenge of getting the tone just right without bragging or being too modest, relating their skills to the available job and then formatting the information so it doesn’t look a jumbled mess. Help is at hand as a new CV writing service from Acthub.co.uk (http://www.recruitment.acthub.co.uk) is inviting nationwide job seekers to submit their old CV and have it polished in a style and format that's attractive to employers. 

Victoria Preece, managing director of Acthub.co.uk, explains: "Our CV writing service is aimed at anyone whose existing CV doesn't do their skills and experience justice. In running recruitment initiatives, we see CVs each day and many of these are of such a poor quality that they don’t fulfill their purpose in selling the job seeker to a potential employer. 

"Seeing these shortcomings so frequently, we initially launched a writing service in the Midlands area but its popularity so much exceeded our expectations that we're now making it available nationwide." 

Victoria explains what makes a CV work: "A good CV is a personalised marketing tool and, as first impressions count and are lasting, it should be optimised to give the candidate the best possible chance of landing the job – especially in the current economic climate when there’s stiff competition out there. A clear, logical and concise CV can be a key that will open many doors while a poorly written, waffling one containing embarrassing mistakes can easily close them."
She adds: "We know for sure that employers want things put simply. They don't want to spend time and effort trying to decipher, re-organise or modify the information on a CV or to puzzle out how the skills of the candidate might possibly meet their recruitment needs." 

The CV writing service is ideal for job seekers who aren't getting the interviews they deserve and who need to sell their particular skill set in a clear and structured way. 

All CVs are written by industry professionals and are supplied with a fast turnaround, taking only a few days from order to delivery. The resulting CV is employer-friendly and showcases the candidate’s skills and relevant experience in a professional format that will help them stand out from the crowd. The cost of a professionally composed CV is just £20. 

Victoria Preece concludes: "CVs are often outdated, full of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, poorly laid out and confusing to read. The Acthub.co.uk CV writing service addresses all these issues and presents a professional document to do the candidate proud. And the good news is: it works. We have many testimonials from happy customers who have used our pilot service."

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